Fowler’s Gap sketches March 2016

Some of these will be worked on, some worked over, the rest shoved into a drawer. Fowler’s Gap Research Station is 115km north of Broken Hill. It is in the arid desert area and was VERY windy. Also VERY fabulous.



Sojourns – an exhibition at M16 with John Gould, Bernard Hardy and Andy Townsend & Suzie Bleach

Sojourns opens on Thursday January 21 at M16 Artspace in Griffith, Canberra. Elizabeth Charles, artist and former senior head teacher of arts and media at TAFE Illawarra will do us the honour of opening our show. The exhibition will continue to Sunday February 7 and is open Wed – Sun, 12 – 5.

Work of mine to be considered for hanging this week include the following paintings. For more details open the catalogue Kinsela catalogue of M16 artworks

Open Studio plus House Gallery

My studio is open this coming weekend, 10am – 5pm Novemebr 14 & 15, for all to visit as part of the Southern Highlands Studio Art Trail. You can see more information about the Southern Highlands Arts Festival at Last weekend brought many visitors and it was terrific to meet a lot of new locals.

ArtsTime_Brochure_2015_LR-1-1 unnamed (1)

I am happy to skite about the image on the cover as it is an acrylic painting by me titled Blue and Yellow Still Life. It measures 61 x 61cm and can be seen at my studio during the Art Trail.

Kinsela_Blue and Yellow Still Life_2015_Acrylic on canvas_61x61cmlr

It was painted as part of a series where I have made many works using the same three objects: the same saucepan, the same bowl and a lemon. They are like family. They are animated and celebrate a certain intimacy. Another from this series is currently a finalist in the Emsla Eutick Still Life Prize at Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery. Titled Ode to a Lemon it is an oil painting measuring 91 x 183cm.

Kinsela_Ode to a Lemon_2015_oil and oilstick on canvas_91x182cm lr

Come and visit my studio and enjoy the ambiance that Mt Gibralter offers. I have a lot of paintings, drawings and prints that I would love to part with as my capacity to store work is challenged and my storage areas are overflowing!

exterior view 1 exterior view 3lr

interior view 2Gardening with Fred collection

Kitchen hang 1 Laundry glimpse

I have attached a catalogue of most of the works, some of which have already been sold. There are also many unframed life drawings and prints.

catalogue of work by Robyn Kinsela

Happy Browsing!

You can also view some of my work at the Milk Factory Gallery Bowral, Primary Espresso Bowral and the Foyer Gallery at the Wingecarribee Council site in Moss Vale.

Signage designed by me.
Signage designed by me.

New Hang at “Primary Espresso Bowral”

Today we hung a new group of work on the walls of Mark Chance’s cafe: Primary Espresso Bowral ( great food….great coffee!)

Signage designed by me.
Signage designed by me.

With the change of seasons and weather, we thought that warm coloured artwork would be appreciated.

The previous hang included:

"10pm" acrylic on canvas 120 x 240cm $4400
“10pm”                                                                    acrylic on canvas 120 x 240cm $4400
"Man Made Loud and Soft" pigment ink prints on paper 90 x 70cm SOLD
“Man Made Loud and Soft”         pigment ink prints on paper 90 x 70cm SOLD
"Shaft of Light" pigment print edition of 10 25 x 25 cm SOLD
“Shaft of Light”                                                          pigment print edition of 10 25 x 25 cm SOLD
"Wet Summer Day" pigment print edition of 10 25 x 25cm SOLD
“Wet Summer Day”                                                    pigment print edition of 10   25 x 25cm  SOLD
"Fractured Light" pigment print 25 x 25 cm edition 6 of 10 $260 framed
“Fractured Light”                                               pigment print 25 x 25 cm edition 6 of 10              $260 framed
"More Rain" pigment print edition no. 4 of 10 25 x 25cm $260 framed
“More Rain”                                                                  pigment print edition no. 4 of 10 25 x 25cm             $260 framed
"Found Sounds" graphite and mixed media on arches on khadi paper 25 peces each measuring 15.5 x 11 cm $1200
“Found Sounds”                         graphite and mixed media on arches on khadi paper 25 pieces each measuring 15.5 x 11 cm               $1200

SO the NEW HANG includes these works:

"Mundi Mundi to Menindee" oil and acrylic on canvas 76 x 60 cm $950
“Mundi Mundi to Menindee” oil and acrylic on canvas           76 x 60 cm $950
"Walking with Thomas and Matisse" acrylic on canvas 122 x 152 cm $3800
“Walking with Thomas and Matisse”                  acrylic on canvas 122 x 152 cm                   $3800
Coastal Chorus (Orange and Grey) pigment print no. 2 of 10 $480 framed, $380 unframed
Coastal Chorus (Orange and Grey) pigment print no. 2 of 10                 $480 framed, $380 unframed
"West of Wilcannia with Agnes and Fred" oil and acrylic on canvas 76 x 60 cm $950
“West of Wilcannia with Agnes and Fred”                                    oil and acrylic on canvas           76 x 60 cm                        $950

Artwork selected as a finalist in the 2013 Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize

I am very happy to announce that I have had a work selected as a finalist in the Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize. There were 475 entries and 43 artists were selected by judge Jenny Sages. The exhibition opening is at 7pm, 1 March, when the winner will be announced by Sages herself. The $20,000 prize money includes the Gallery’s acquisition of the work.

The exhibition dates are 1 March – 5 April at The Adelaide Perry Gallery, in “The Croydon” Centre for Art, Design and Technology Presbyterian Ladie’s College, Sydney.

The work that I submitted is titled Momentary Stillness.

Momentary Stillness_2008-2012_charcoal, pastel  and collage on Arches paper_100x150cm

 This work is about space, time, movement, stillness and memory.

My ongoing interest in the human condition, and in our place within this world, is aided by my exploration of the subtle yet visceral subject matter of our surroundings. My work is usually multi layered and often harbours an element of ambiguity which sometimes simplifies, and sometimes complicates, the overall introspective and meditative quality for which I am searching.

In Momentary Stillness, I am exploring a physical sense of ‘being’, of awareness, by utilising an ‘abstract’ illusion of space and movement. We know about these things through the memories of our own experiences.

Contrasts such as light/dark, smooth/textured, straight/torn and large/small, contribute to the idea that time is not static or definitive, but is ever changing.

The irregular flat planes of torn paper hover in front of, or above, the geometric horizontal and vertical surfaces.  This optical illusion of space, and the sense of stillness and suspension, lead us to experience a form of movement and therefore, the passage of time.

Robyn Kinsela January 2013

Beyond Eye Level exhibition gallery images

Here is the e-catalogue of my exhibition Beyond Eye Level at Depot II Gallery.

Beyond Eye Level e-catalogue

For those interested in knowing more about my experience and opinion of the Danks St Precinct and Depot II Gallery in particular, keep in touch or register your interest in the comments box. I’ll attend to that after the show is over and I have a clearer vision of the whole exercise.

Beyond Eye Level

Opening on 8 December at Depot II Gallery, 2 Danks St Waterloo is an exhibition of works that interpret rather than imitate our environment. Micro and macro textures and patterns, colours and shapes serve to create these works, tapping into memory and experience of both tangible and intangible subjects.

Click here to view Beyond Eye Level hard copy catalogue

Leave a message if you would like to receive a copy of the catalogue by post.


Inform was shown in 2003 at the Finishing Room Gallery in the School of Wood and Furniture Design, Canberra School of Art, ANU, Canberra. I was an artist-in-residence teaching drawing and design and this exhibition demonstrated how a subject, in this case 2 ceramic jars, could be graphically interpreted through drawing and painting. This exhibition was opened by Pamille Berg.

Seen & Unseen

Seen and Unseen was the exhibition that I held at Sturt Gallery Mittagong from December 2009 to January 2010.

Seen and Unseen was shown in 2010 at the Sturt Gallery, Mittagong NSW. This work was the result of my explorations into how sound and noises and silence could be visually communicated. I was very influenced by the Australian outback and bush.

The exhibition was opened by Elizabeth Charles, Senior Head Teacher, Arts and Media, TAFE Illawarra, Moss Vale, Goulburn, Cooma, Yass, Queanbeyan campuses.

_DSC0026                  _DSC0492

_DSC0495                  _DSC0497