Artwork selected as a finalist in the 2013 Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize

I am very happy to announce that I have had a work selected as a finalist in the Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize. There were 475 entries and 43 artists were selected by judge Jenny Sages. The exhibition opening is at 7pm, 1 March, when the winner will be announced by Sages herself. The $20,000 prize money includes the Gallery’s acquisition of the work.

The exhibition dates are 1 March – 5 April at The Adelaide Perry Gallery, in “The Croydon” Centre for Art, Design and Technology Presbyterian Ladie’s College, Sydney.

The work that I submitted is titled Momentary Stillness.

Momentary Stillness_2008-2012_charcoal, pastel  and collage on Arches paper_100x150cm

 This work is about space, time, movement, stillness and memory.

My ongoing interest in the human condition, and in our place within this world, is aided by my exploration of the subtle yet visceral subject matter of our surroundings. My work is usually multi layered and often harbours an element of ambiguity which sometimes simplifies, and sometimes complicates, the overall introspective and meditative quality for which I am searching.

In Momentary Stillness, I am exploring a physical sense of ‘being’, of awareness, by utilising an ‘abstract’ illusion of space and movement. We know about these things through the memories of our own experiences.

Contrasts such as light/dark, smooth/textured, straight/torn and large/small, contribute to the idea that time is not static or definitive, but is ever changing.

The irregular flat planes of torn paper hover in front of, or above, the geometric horizontal and vertical surfaces.  This optical illusion of space, and the sense of stillness and suspension, lead us to experience a form of movement and therefore, the passage of time.

Robyn Kinsela January 2013


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